Best Trampoline for Kids

The best trampoline for kids is not the most pricey model, unlike trampolines for adults or larger trampolines. What are the most important things for parents? Longevity, safety, and definitely a jumping area that offers, reliable high bouncing for never-ending fun. Before we discuss and go deep into our guide for the best trampoline for kids, there are a couple of hints on how to pick a trampoline.

Guide to choosing the right trampoline for kids

To choose the right trampoline for kids, there are a few technical details and requirements that go into it.

#1: You need to know finances obviously, before buying a trampoline. Trampoline for kids models will range from $80 to $800 and that’s why you need to know your finances before buying.

#2: Need to know standard jumping space available, since the large radius is common in outdoor models and the small radius is often with indoor models.

#3: Trampoline weight capacity is important because many models are just safe up to a specific weight capacity. Always make sure that weight capacity is proper if you got a large family with multiple kids.

#4: What about enclosure? Enclosures are not needed for very young kids that don’t bounce much and they can use bar trampolines.

For kids that bounce and are not very young, enclosure system is essential.

#5: Trampoline with bars to hold onto is best fitted for smaller children that don’t have a high level of balance.

#6: A large number of parents never think about the weight of the trampoline they acquire. If you can’t simply move your trampoline,

you can’t use outdoors mode for indoors use and vice versa. Trampoline for kids that come with enclosures remain outdoors for most of the year and are often large.

#7: Big concern is entrance height. Step ladder comes to use when young children can’t enter trampoline without the help of parents. There are numerous heights.

Some step ladders are so small that a 3-year-old can enter with relative ease

#8: Trampoline models will include information about recommended maximum age for using them. All parents should consider this important information.

Our only big tip that we recommend is that you choose a trampoline that provides more than enough room for growth when the child is growing.

If trampoline limit is age 6 and your kid age is 6, we suggest buying a different model. Kids grow quickly, so choose the best trampoline for kids and it will provide years of fun.

Mini Trampoline Overview

Kids with age range from three to five, for the most part, are using smaller trampolines that are suited for them. They are mobile and are able to be folded for easy storage right after their use.

A large number of these models can hold a kid up to 77 pounds without tipping over. Type of activity that is performed on the mini trampoline, depends upon the weight of the child, to know how it will endure. The trampoline will shift if a kid is jumping intensely on it, even if he or she are below 77 pounds. Parents will be happy to know that trampoline for kids is not that costly and the perfect time to buy these are as Christmas gift or when they got their birthday. These models cost is between the range of $40-$90. When you simply compare them with new gaming systems and other different electronics devices these price tags are very reasonable. I can’t even mention what would happen if you got them a gaming system, kids would just sit on the couch and play for hours. When you get a small trampoline, kids will be moving around and get some kind of exercise, instead of sitting on the couch and playing video games.

Indoor Trampoline models are safer for kids

It may seem to you like a no big deal to get a kids trampoline, but quite a lot of people are concerned about the injury risks. Outdoor large trampolines are less safer than indoor models. Larger models got only a fraction of the bounce height potential and that’s the main reason that they are safer. They will have a small bounce and are specially made for the younger age group ranging from 3-8 years. Major injuries are bound to happen if there is no proper parental supervision. That’s why it’s important to watch kids from time to time and reduce injury risks dramatically. Large models provide high bounce and are designed for the older age group of 5-12 years old, but they are just a small fraction of the large trampolines. Awkward landing risk is minimized with safety enclosure net of the larger mini trampolines.

The Best Trampoline for kids

Trampoline models split into:

#1: Bar models

#2: Enclosure models

There are a large number of trampolines to choose from that will offer limitless hours of fun. The right pick for your kid will rely on your type of trampoline you want to purchase and on your budget.

Best Kids Trampoline With Bar

Younger children that did not fully developed their level of balance to jump on regular trampolines, should use Bar trampolines.

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline

This one assembled very quickly, and its perfect trampoline for kids and parents that are occupied. The Fold & Go provides a 150-pound weight limit and 36” dimension with a bar that is padded and durable. It fulfills the USA HR 4040 safety standard and it is a unique design that is built just within few minutes. This model is strong and inexpensive with available trampoline bar extensions for your older kids. This trampoline with a weight capacity of a 150 pounds, will last for years, but for older kids 3 ft. radius is small to get a great bounce when jumping. It is very inexpensive, doesn’t contain any bungee cord that is well-known to crack with ease and is highly reviewed trampoline for kids bar that comes along with 6 legs for added support.

These model attributes are:

Recommended Age: 3 and up.

Dimensions: 36” x 36” x 34”.

Weight Capacity: 150 pounds.

Weight: 13.2 pounds.

Pure Fun Race Car Jumper Trampoline

The ideal option for boys. This trampoline for kids model comes in red color, looks like a race car and arrives even with wheels. The Pure Fun Race Car is so cool that you may want to hold it in the living room. Kids will love to jump on it and its large bar will allow them to jump while holding onto it. The jumping area is very small, which means your kid is very close to the bar and safe all the time. Strong and soft,

it can hold children up to 75 pounds and ensures that your kid is safe with its red pads and cover. This model got an amazing level of durability and that’s why we recommend it.

These model attributes are:

Recommended Age: 4 + years.

Dimensions: 36” x 36” x 32”.

Weight Capacity: 75 pounds.

Weight: 24.5 pounds.

JumpSport iBounce Kids Trampoline with Tablet Holder

Very easy to put together. JumpSport iBounce won the 2014 Product of the Year Award by JumpSport. Designed for indoor use for ages ranging between 2 and 5. Presenting design that is kid-friendly, arrives along with two handles that look like tree branches and is in form of a triangle. The green top is similar to grass and its exterior has a cartoon style. Surprisingly with trampoline arrives with a table mount and include numerous videos for kids to watch Meanwhile they bounce around and play.

These model attributes are:

Recommended Age: 2 – 5 years.

Dimensions: 48”. x 14” x 4”.

Weight Capacity: 75 pounds.

Weight: 16.5 pounds.

PS: Take note that this model is planned for indoor use only.

Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline

The best choice for a girl. It has a very flexible bar to help kids stay stable while jumping and amazing safety coverings above the mounting straps. This model features camouflage pink color and one with butterfly patterns with pink color along the whole shape of the trampoline. These model dimensions are 48-inch jumping space and a weight capacity of 100 pounds. Secure and strong, it will last you for years and provides you with the maximum safety versatile bar and extensive padding edges and springs.

The Bazoongi Bouncer attributes:

Recommended Age: 4 and up.

Dimensions: 48” jumping space.

Weight Capacity: 100 pounds.

Weight: 19 pounds.

Best Kids Trampoline with Enclosure

Trampolines that come equipped with enclosure nets are always recommended for the maximum safety of your children. Because of their great jumping size and larger dimension, these are ideal for the children that are a little older.

Skywalker 8-Feet Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Skywalker 8-Feet Round Trampoline for kids model is small enough for kids.They don’t even need a ladder to enter inside of it and on market, it is confirmed that it is the safest model around for kids. These trampolines stick out from the crowd because of their level of detail and SkyWalker knows how to do it. It is not dangerous to jump near springs and supports since this model added safety enclosures that are padded with soft foam to get rid of injuries. T-socket legs are used in this model, to avoid breaking and twisting. This trampoline can fit in the basement just fine or in a garage, even though it’s meant for outdoor use. It’s 175-pound weight capacity will last your kids from very young age until they are well into their teenage period.

Skywalker Round Trampoline specifications are:

Recommended Age: 6 age

Dimensions: 8ft. x 8ft. x 6.5 ft.

Weight Capacity: 175 pounds.

Weight: 87 pounds.

SkyBound Super 7 Trampoline

The SkyBound Super 7 Trampoline for kids got the built-in enclosure to make sure that all jumpers remain safe and contain 7.5 ft. jumping area. This model can support much older kids and can also be used by kids age 3 and up. SkyBoud company will only recognize warranties if jumping weight is 110 pounds or lower, but they state that the highest jumping total capacity is 220 pounds. They are providing a zipper door with a safety net. Trampoline is low to the ground for kids and beams support area is greatly padded for extra safety. Older jumpers will not have so much fun since this trampoline for kids model is too low to the ground and that’s the only problem with it. For the young kids, this model can fit 3 kids at the same time easily and arrives in an interesting color.

The SkyBound Super 7 features:

Recommended Age: 3 and up.

Dimensions: 6.5 ft. x 7.5 ft.

Weight Capacity: 220 pounds (guarantee covers 110-pound weight limit).

Weight: 52 pounds.

Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline

This trampoline for kids model name says it all and it’s no surprise that its made for kids. Little Tikes 7′ got thick padding that covers good-quality steel poles. Thanks to steel poles, safety enclosure is super-safe and its jumping platform is ideal for high jumps. This model can fit 3-5 age kids, 3 or more with ease. With a maximum capacity of 115 pounds, many adults have also bounced on the trampoline with their young kids without any problem. Since this trampoline for kids is specifically made for kids up to the age of 10, it will last for many years without requiring to be replaced. Enclosure poles got safety springs on this model and it’s very easy to assemble. Trampoline zippered front is preventing any kid from falling out because it got a door that zips up and down and got PE netting that is used for the enclosure. With red, black and blue color scheme trampoline is guaranteed to look good in your backyard. You don’t need a ladder to enter the enclosure.

Little Tikes 7′ features:

Recommended Age: 3 – 10 years.

Dimensions: 5.8 ft. x 21.6” x 7.7 ft.

Weight Capacity: 115 pounds.

Weight: 74.5 pounds.